The Big BBQ Box
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The Big BBQ Box

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Impress at the BBQ!

The 'Big BBQ Box' is our biggest box yet, full of all the meat you need to host the ultimate BBQ.

50 pieces of high quality, grass fed West Country meat for only £57.50!

So what's inside?

4 x Jumbo Traditional Sausages

8 x Quarter Pound Butchers Beef Burgers

8 x Chicken Breasts - 4oz

10 x Pork Loin Steaks - 4oz

1 x Pork Ribs in a BBQ Marinade - 500g aprox

1 x Pork Ribs in a Chinese Marinade - 500g aprox

1 x Pork Ribs in a Piri Piri Marinade - 500g aprox

2 x Traditional Cumberland Sausage Coils

2 x Wild Boar Sausage Coils

2 x Venison and Cranberry Sausage Coils

10 x Chicken Drumsticks 

1 x Buffalo Chicken Wings - 500g